Where birthdays become unforgettable celebrations!


Come party with us!

At Elevate Sports Center, we recognize the importance of birthdays as significant milestones worthy of remarkable celebrations. That’s precisely why we commit to turning every birthday party into an extraordinary event. Situated at the core of our community, our cutting-edge sports facility stands as the perfect place to host birthday parties that are as distinctive and memorable as your child.

Choosing Elevate for your child’s birthday means you’re creating an unforgettable experience, not just organizing a party. Our venue abounds with a variety of activities, guaranteeing engagement and fun for every guest, no matter their age or interests. If your child yearns for an adventure filled with adrenaline or a cheerful, sporty celebration, we offer an array of options to fulfill their dreams.

Birthday Party

2 hours
$ 200
  • 75 minute floor time
  • 30 minute present/eating time
  • Staff member on-site to help

Event Parties

2+ hours
$ 300+
  • Custom times
  • Great for school dances!
  • Business events

Diverse activities for all age with two area options to choose from

Our facility can accommodate birthday parties big or small, featuring a variety of activities that appeal to different interests. Whether it’s scaling climbing walls for the daring or flipping on the spring floor for gymnastics lovers, every party at Elevate Sports Center bursts with excitement and creates lasting memories. Our team commits wholeheartedly to ensuring a safe, fun-packed environment. Here, kids enjoy being active while parents unwind, reassured that we’ve got every detail covered.

Gymnastics Area


Our Gymnastics area boasts uneven bars, beams, and a 50′ trampoline alongside a responsive spring floor and vault for dynamic fun. The generous open space enhances the thrill. Additionally, you’ll find a dedicated party room equipped with a soda machine for your convenience.

Ninja Area


Excitement fills our Ninja party space, which features ninja walls, a ninja rig, obstacle courses, and a 30′ trampoline, all complemented by equipment suitable for preschoolers. Although a separate party room isn’t available, we provide bleachers in the front area for kids and parents to comfortably sit and relish in the celebration.

Elevate Sports Center in Eagle Mountain is so much more than a venue for birthday parties; it’s a vibrant haven where we craft cherished memories and celebrate every milestone in your child’s life. Eager to elevate your child’s birthday party to an extraordinary event, we prioritize safety above all else.

We diligently follow all essential safety guidelines, ensuring a secure environment that welcomes every guest. Our staff, thoroughly trained in safety protocols, actively supervises and leads all activities. Through this steadfast commitment to safety, we guarantee that every child will have an exhilarating time while remaining safe.

Choose Elevate Sports Center as the vibrant setting for your child’s unforgettable birthday celebration. Here, excitement harmonizes with safety, ensuring that each moment is not only fun but also a treasured memory.


Why choose Elevate Sports Center?

  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Our contemporary venue is meticulously designed, aiming to deliver the ultimate party experience.
  • Variety of Activities: Furthermore, we offer a broad spectrum of activities, each one crafted to captivate and entertain children across all age groups.
  • Two Unique Party Areas to Choose From: Choose between the high-energy Ninja area and the gymnastics and trampoline area, each setting promising to make your child’s birthday unforgettable.
  • Stress-Free Planning: Additionally, our seasoned team is their to help, affording you the luxury to fully immerse in the joy of the occasion.
  • Safe and Fun Environment: Most importantly, we prioritize safety, ensuring a secure and enjoyable atmosphere for kids and a stress-free experience for parents.

Your Party Package at Elevate Sports Center

  • Accommodation for Celebrations: We welcome 1 – 20 kids (birthday child included) for your event. Please note that non-participating parents or grandparents are not counted in this number.
  • Dedicated Staff Assistance: A staff member will be on hand, committed to ensuring a seamless and delightful party experience for all.
  • Structured Party Timeline: Initially, enjoy 45 minutes of exhilarating fun on our equipment. Subsequently, savor 30 minutes in the private party room for food and festivities, followed by another 30 minutes of play. Finally, we’ll have a 15-minute session to wrap up the celebration.
  • Soda Machine Access: Opt for exclusive use of our soda machine in the gymnastics area by selecting this perk during your reservation process.
  • Private Party Room: Our gymnastics area features a private room ideal for dining, gift opening, and revelries. On the ninja side, a viewing area is available where tables can be arranged for convenience.
  • Hassle-Free Cleanup: Post-party cleanup is on us for the party room. However, we ask that the main gym area be maintained and left clean as this service does not cover that area.

Enhance Your Party

Plastic cups of varying types of carbonated drinks
Soda Machine

Add a fizzy touch to your celebration with our complimentary soda machine! To secure its availability, kindly select this option while booking. Acknowledging that preferences vary, we recognize that some parents may choose not to include soda at their child’s event. Therefore, if you decide not to select this item during checkout, please note the machine will stay locked throughout your party.

Note: The soda machine is exclusively available in the gymnastics area.

Waiver Requirement for Safe Participation:

To guarantee a safe and delightful experience for all, each party participant intent on using the equipment is required to finish and sign a waiver before beginning any activities. Consequently, it falls on the party organizer to confirm that all attendees have signed their waivers beforehand.

Furthermore, to make the most of your gym time and the available staff assistance, we advise you to complete all waivers prior to your arrival. Otherwise, any time devoted to filling out waivers at the venue will shorten your scheduled gym time. Indeed, this policy is in place to ensure a seamless and secure experience for everyone.