Where birthdays become unforgettable celebrations!


Come party with us!

At Elevate Sports Center, we believe that every birthday is a special occasion, and we go the extra mile to ensure that your child’s big day is nothing short of extraordinary. Our state-of-the-art sports facility is the perfect venue for hosting thrilling birthday parties, offering a wide range of activities that cater to all interests and ages.

Birthday Party

2 hours
$ 200
  • 75 minute floor time
  • 30 minute present/eating time
  • Staff member on-site to help

Event Parties

2+ hours
$ 300+
  • Custom times
  • Great for school dances!
  • Business events

Two area options to choose from

Gymnastics Area

This area includes the uneven bars, beams, 50β€² Trampoline, spring floor, vault, and tons of open space. This space also includes the separate party room with soda machine.

Ninja Area

This area includes ninja walls, ninja rig, obstacle courses, 30β€² Trampoline, preschool equipment, and more. This space does not include a separate party room but the front viewing area has bleachers where kids and parents can sit.

Safety is our top priority at Elevate Sports Center, and we maintain strict adherence to all necessary guidelines to ensure a secure environment for all attendees. Our staff is trained to supervise and facilitate the activities, making sure everyone has a blast while staying safe.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect place to host an unforgettable birthday party, look no further than Elevate Sports Center. Let us take care of the planning, organization, and excitement, while you focus on creating lasting memories with your child and their friends. Book your birthday bash with us today and give your child the birthday celebration of their dreams!

What’s included

  • 1 – 20 participants (including birthday child)
    • This does not include parents or grandparents not participating on floor equipment.
  • Staff member to help the flow of party.
    • 45 minutes on equipment, 30 minutes in party room, 30 minutes back on equipment, 15 minute wrap up.
  • Free use of soda machine (only in gymnastics area)
    • This must be selected in your options when reserving the party otherwise the machine will be locked during the party time.
  • Private party room for food, gifts, and goodies (only in gymnastics area)

Additional Info

  • $8.50 for each additional guest beyond the included 20

Available Add-Ons

Soda Machine

This item must be selected in order to have available for your party. We do this is as some parents do not like having soda available at event. If you do not select this item than the machine will be locked during your event.

*Item only available in gymnastics area*

Waiver requirement: All participants at the party that will be out on equipment will be required to complete and sign a waiver before they will be allowed on equipment.