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Elevate Gymnastics is a family owned gymnastics facility in Eagle Mountain, Utah. Founder Preston Thygesen’s vision for Elevate Gymnastics began in late 2018 after he moved his family out to Eagle Mountain from West Jordan. Preston was already helping many gyms in Utah in many aspects from the business back end to up front imaging for the past 15+ years. He had also been apart of higher education for 5+ years with youth and adults. Thriving in those positions and passionate about seeing both kids develop and business succeeding, as well as seeing the need for a gymnastics facility in Eagle Mountain, Preston quickly decided to team up with Laura Weiss who has 20+ years of coaching and open Elevate Gymnastics.

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Elevate Gymnastics is wholly dedicated to providing the local youth with supervised, fundamental learning experiences in an athletic setting. The mission of Elevate Gymnastics is to: (i) teach children skills in the sport of gymnastics through coaching, clinics, and competitions, while also facilitating character and sportsmanship development; (ii) promote, encourage and improve the standard of recreational and amateur gymnastics in Utah; (iii) foster the values of integrity, teamwork, mutual respect and the pursuit of excellence through hard work; (iv) develop confidence, concentration, discipline and physical fitness and (v) promote fun and enjoyment for every participant. Elevate Gymnastics always focuses on the positive, fun aspects of learning, enabling each child to enjoy the instruction and develop both their aptitude and self-confidence.

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Elevate Gymnastics BBB Accredited