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Discover Youth Gymnastics Eagle Mountain’s best-kept secret – Elevate Sports Center! Right from the start, let’s jump into what makes us a beacon for young athletes. In the vibrant heart of Eagle Mountain, Utah, we’re not just any gymnastics facility; we’re a hive of high-flying action, tailor-made for the youth of today.

In late 2018, Preston Thygesen, a maestro in the world of gymnastics with a 15-year legacy of enhancing gym facilities throughout Utah, unveiled his masterpiece: Elevate Sports Center. Preston, after relocating his family to Eagle Mountain, realized our city was the perfect stage for the next chapter in youth gymnastics.

Furthermore, Preston’s profound experience in educating both youngsters and adults equipped him with the insights to cultivate a nurturing environment. Consequently, he allied with Laura Weiss, a coaching virtuoso with over 20 years of experience. Together, their synergy has propelled Elevate Sports Center, formerly known as Elevate Gymnastics, to new heights.

Now, we stand as a symbol of growth and joy, where kids not only master the art of gymnastics but also learn valuable life lessons. Therefore, we invite you to be part of our community, where every child’s potential is cherished and nurtured. Join us at Elevate Sports Center, and let’s set the stage for a future where your child’s gymnastics skills and confidence can soar to new elevations! 🌟💪🤸‍♂️🤸‍♀️

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Our mission at Elevate Sports Center is to inspire, motivate, and cultivate gymnasts of all ages and skill levels. We believe in nurturing a lifelong love for gymnastics by providing comprehensive, safe, and enjoyable instruction within a positive learning environment. As a proud member of the Utah community, we commit ourselves to enhance athleticism, boost self-esteem, and foster personal growth in every student. We emphasize teamwork, discipline, and resilience, transcending the sport’s boundaries into lifelong lessons. Our ultimate goal is to elevate not just athletes, but well-rounded individuals, who will make meaningful contributions to their communities and the wider world.

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Elevate Sports Center offers one free trial class to all students who are interested in our programs. From NinjaZone to Aerial Silks, give one of our classes a shot. After all…. it’s FREE!