Competitive Gymnastics Team

Competitive Gymnastics Team​

Elevate Sports Center, a fully licensed USA Gymnastics facility, proudly offers competitive team gymnastics through both the Xcel and Development Programs (formerly JO). Our primary focus lies in the meticulous development of skills essential for competitive gymnastics.

Our training emphasizes mastering advanced gymnastics skills while cultivating the responsibility and spirit essential for being a proactive team member. We believe in nurturing well-rounded gymnasts who embody both athletic prowess and team values.

Gymnastics, as we see it, is a sport that combines fun with rigorous challenges. At Elevate Sports Center, we welcome anyone ready to embrace the commitment and responsibility of team participation. If you’re prepared to embark on a fulfilling journey of athleticism and camaraderie, our competitive team program awaits you.

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All children entering interested in our team program must schedule an evaluation with one of our coaches.

Team Evaluations

At Elevate Sports Center, we facilitate personalized evaluations to identify the most suitable team placement for children keen to join our competitive program. If you’re a parent interested in understanding the best fit for your child, we welcome you to schedule a dedicated appointment. Our skilled coaches will be delighted to conduct a thorough evaluation, providing tailored recommendations for team placement. Your child’s journey to gymnastic excellence begins here.


If your child wants to transfer from their current gym to our team program, please feel free to contact us and we can assist you. 

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