Competitive Gymnastics Team

Competitive Gymnastics Team​

Elevate Gymnastics is a licensed USA Gymnastics facility and offers competitive team gymnastics in both the Xcel and Development Program (formely JO). We focus on the development of skills needed to compete on a gymnastics team. We strongly emphasize advanced gymnastics skills, as well as teach the responsibility of being a proactive team member. 

Elevate Gymnastics believes that gymnastics is fun, yet challenging sport! We encourage anyone who is willing to accept the responsibility and commitment of participating on a team level to join our competitive team program.  

Elevate Gymnastics

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Elevate Gymnastics offers one free trial class to all students who are interested in our programs. From NinjaZone to Tumbling, give one of our classes are shot. After all…. it’s FREE!

Team Evaluations

We conduct evaluations to determine the best team placement for kids interested in joining our competitive team program. If you’re a parent who like to schedule an individual appointment with your child, we will be happy to evaluate, and recommend a team placement. 


If your child wants to transfer from their current gym to our team program, please feel free to contact us and we can assist you. 

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