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We all desire the very best for our children, guiding them to become confident and capable individuals. At NinjaZone, we understand this aspiration. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted a program designed to empower children with the essential skills and confidence they need to continue thriving in their learning and development. Welcome to a world where every child’s potential is nurtured.

The NinjaZone program combines:

Unlike traditional programs, NinjaZone allows children to progress at their own pace, giving them the tools to shape their unique journey. This individualized approach, seamlessly integrated within a defined and cooperative framework, ensures that children of all ages and genders reap benefits beyond mere physical abilities. The NinjaZone experience cultivates strong, confident kids, as they explore, learn, and conquer in an environment tailored just for them.

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Elevate Sports Center offers one free trial class to all students who are interested in our programs. From NinjaZone to Tumbling, give one of our classes are shot. After all…. it’s FREE!

Our Plans

Baby Ninjas

Baby Ninjas is the first step in creating confidence in young children!

Walkers - 3

$85 / Month

Lil' Ninjas

The gateway to a fusion sport inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and freestyle movement.

3-5 years old

$85 / Month

Ninja Training

Children build strength and agility through a mix of techniques, testing skills with obstacle courses and diverse training methods.

5-13 years old

$85 / Month

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