October 9, 2021

NinjaGames for October have unfortunately been cancelled due to lack of interest this fall. We will attempt to host another Ninja Game events in the Spring of 2022. 

If you already were registered for the Ninja Games this fall you will be refunded your money sometime in the month of September. If you have any further questions you can contact us at info@elevategymnasticsut.com.


The wait is over!

The NinjaGames were created to allow Ninjas to compete throughout the year, while maintaining a balanced life of fun, family, and sport. Ninja Games allow our NinjaZone students to experience a challenging environment, where they’re always competing against their most important competitor – themselves.

*PLEASE NOTE* Ninja Games requires that you be currently enrolled in the NinjaZone program at Elevate Gymnastics. Learn more about it here.

Ninja Games

$100per student

  • This price includes your enrollment into event as well as a Ninja Games T-shirt, water bottle, grip sock, and shorts! This also includes admission for 2 family members.

What’s included

NinjaZone Water Bottle

Ninja Games T-Shirt

Athletic Ninja Shorts

NinjaZone SuperGrip Socks

Admission for 2 family members

Each additional is $5 for entry

Sizing info for Ninja Shorts

WAIST 23-25″ 25-27″ 27-29″ 29-31″


WAIST 28-30″ 32-34″ 36-38″ 40-42″