How Skill Tracking and Progression Works At Elevate

Understanding the progression through different levels of gymnastics can sometimes feel as complex as the sport itself. To shed some light on this subject, we’ve prepared a concise guide that unravels the process of transitioning through the levels at Elevate Sports Center, offering insight into their impact on our program and how they pave the path for our gymnasts’ growth and success.

Progression Process

Our programs are structured to cover a wide range of abilities, starting from fundamental skills like forward rolls to advanced techniques such as the standing back tuck. This structured approach allows us to categorize our courses into different levels, ensuring that students progress in a manner that not only builds their skill base and strength but also minimizes the risk of injury.

Upon enrolling your child in one of our classes, their profile will be updated with the specific skills targeted in their course, accessible through the parent portal. After every class, our coaches update your child’s skill progress, evaluating their performance against three benchmarks for each skill: 

  • Started – meaning the student has tried the skill at least once
  • Tested – indicating the student is in the process of mastering the skill with ongoing guidance
  • Attained – showing the student can perform the skill independently

We also conduct detailed skill assessments quarterly, dedicating 1-2 classes to this evaluation to ensure students are placed at the appropriate level based on their proficiency.

Once a student has mastered most of the skills for their current level, they will be recommended for advancement to the next level, celebrated with a certificate of achievement, and our administrative team will assist you in scheduling the subsequent class.

Should you have any inquiries about your child’s progress or wish to discuss their development, we encourage you to talk to their coach after class.

skill tracking sweet peas kid smiling and swinging on a bar

Sweet Pea Levels – Preschool Gymnastics

Sweet Peas classes are the start of our specialized gymnastics program tailored for young gymnasts ages 6 months to 5 years. This program is designed to introduce the foundational blocks of movement and gymnastics skills in an age-appropriate and engaging manner. The classes are divided into distinct groups to cater to the developmental milestones specific to each age:

Wee Peas (6mo – 1yr): 30-minute classes requiring adult participation, focusing on social and physical development through creative, intentional circuits.

One Peas (1yr): 30-minute classes, also requiring adult participation. Aimed at toddlers who are beginning to explore their mobility and understand words and ideas, encouraging their eagerness and managing their hesitation.

Two Peas (2yrs): 50-minute classes designed for two-year-olds gaining independence. These sessions capitalize on their rapid physical, cognitive, and language development. Two Pea is a 30-minute class requiring adult participation, similar to Wee and One Pea.

Three Peas (3yrs): 50-minute classes for three-year-olds ready to engage in more structured activities. They focus on motor development, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and the ability to follow basic instructions independently.

Four Peas (4yrs): 50-minute classes catering to four-year-olds with increasing coordination and strength, enabling them to run, hop, climb, and perform new gymnastics skills.

Each class level within the Sweet Peas program is meticulously structured to support the growth and developmental needs of young gymnasts, providing a strong foundation for their future in gymnastics.

skill progression girls practicing handstands together

Recreational Gymnastics Levels Explained

After our preschool program comes our recreational gymnastics classes which consist of 6 basic levels. These classes help gymnasts learn new fundamental skills in gymnastics and also refine their techniques to move on to more advanced versions of what they have been working on.

Levels 1 & 2 – Form the foundation of gymnastics at Elevate, where students learn over 30 skills, including basic rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and vault techniques. This stage emphasizes building strength and proper form in preparation for more complex skills.

Levels 3 & 4 – Marks the transition to committed athleticism, introducing gymnasts to advanced moves like one-handed cartwheels and back bend kick-overs. This level expands on vault, bars, and beam techniques, setting the stage for higher levels of competition and skill mastery. 

Girl’s Pre-Team – (Optional) After competing level 4, girls will have the opportunity to switch to prepare for competition levels or stay on the recreational track.

Levels 5 – Here is where gymnasts will be able to refine their form and technique while learning intricate skills such as walkovers, handsprings, and advanced bar and beam routines. These levels focus on precision, accuracy, and strength, preparing students for competitive gymnastics opportunities.

Level 6 – Combines the technical fundamentals with the strength and flexibility developed in earlier levels to create powerful skills and graceful sequences. Gymnasts master advanced techniques, including aerials and handsprings, leading to opportunities to join the Competitive Gymnastics Team.

Xcel Gymnastics

Upon advancing through these levels, students become eligible to join our Xcel gymnastics program. Xcel serves as an alternative to the traditional Developmental or Compulsory gymnastics tracks, offering a more customizable and flexible approach to competition and skill development. This program stands out because it allows gymnasts to tailor their routines to their strengths, providing a unique opportunity to shine in their chosen areas. It’s an excellent choice for kids as it fosters a supportive environment that emphasizes personal growth, team spirit, and the joy of gymnastics, making it an appealing option for those seeking a competitive experience that aligns with their individual skills and interests.

Tumbling Classes

For those with a passion for tumbling, Elevate Sports Center offers specialized classes that cater exclusively to the art and technique of tumbling across trampoline, floor, and vault disciplines. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the basics or an advanced athlete looking to perfect your tucks and twists, our tumbling program has something for everyone. The program focuses on developing skills specific to tumbling, crucial not only for gymnastics but also for cheerleading, where tumbling plays a significant role.

Tumbling 1: This introductory level covers the essentials, including straight and tuck jumps, the hurdle approach, bridge holds, and rolls (forward and backward), setting the foundation for more complex skills.

Tumbling 2: Building on the basics, this level introduces full turns, straddle jumps, walkovers (both back and front), handstand forward rolls, and dive rolls, among others, elevating the skillset of participants.

Tumbling 3: This intermediate stage challenges students with back handsprings, front handsprings on trampoline, tucks (front and back on trampoline), straight arm backward rolls, and transitions from handstands to flat backs, marking a significant progression in tumbling skills.

Tumbling 4: Advanced tumblers tackle front handspring front tucks on the trampoline, back handspring back tucks on the trampoline, aerials, standing back tucks, and roundoff back handsprings, showcasing the pinnacle of tumbling expertise at Elevate.

skill progression kid practicing vaulting in tumbling class

Aerial Silks

Lastly for those who want to try something different, we also offer aerial silks classes. These classes are a captivating addition to traditional gymnastics classes, designed for those seeking a unique and physically demanding discipline. This program emphasizes the importance of strength and grace, beginning with a mandatory Silks Safety Class to ensure students understand essential safety measures. The weekly 50-minute sessions guide beginners through the fundamentals of aerial silks, including basic wraps and sequences, under the tutelage of experienced instructors. A strong focus on conditioning, aimed at enhancing strength and flexibility, supports students in mastering the art of climbing and performing stunning aerial poses.


In wrapping up our journey through the skill tracking and progression at Elevate Sports Center, it’s clear that our carefully structured programs are the backbone of our gymnasts’ development. From the foundational skills introduced in our Sweet Peas classes to the advanced techniques polished at the recreational levels, and ultimately, the opportunity to shine in the Xcel program, Elevate Sports Center is committed to nurturing the growth of each gymnast. This approach ensures a smooth transition through levels, celebrates achievements, and supports continuous improvement, all while prioritizing the well-being and joy of gymnastics. We stand ready to guide your child through this exciting journey, fostering a love for the sport and the development of invaluable life skills along the way.

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