Fall Recital

Spooky Soirée

Saturday October 28, 2023

All recreational gymnastics levels, all tumbling levels, three pea, and four pea classes may register. 



2023 Spooky Soirée
$ 89
  • Leotard or Boys Gear included in registration fee
  • Coupon code for 2 tickets into the recital

Important Fall Recital Information

  • Students participating in the recital will NOT have the opportunity to advance from their class until AFTER the recital has taken place. Although we do our best to advance students where we see fit, you may want to consider talking with you student’s coach to verify their level placement.
  • Attendance during the months of September and October are strongly encouraged to provide the best experience for your children.
  • Due to the large volume of student’s participating, we will be splitting the recital up into sessions. These session times will be released the week prior to the recital date.
  • The $89 registration fee per student includes a recital leotard, and coupon code for two (2) tickets into the recital. Extra tickets will be available for purchase at later date once we confirm all seating. Seating is limited.