May 4, 2020


Discounted rate ($40 rather than $80)

1 on 1 time with coach

NO parent viewing


May 18, 2020


Kids spaced 10′ apart

Coaches wearing face masks

Limited parent viewing




Elevate Gymnastics has made the following changes and additions for the safety of our staff, students, and their families.

Parent Viewing Limitations: During Phase 1, no parents will be allowed to stay in our parent viewing area during the classes. We ask that you drop your kids off either outside or bring them in only to the lobby area. Parents please do not enter into the gym area. During Phase 2, families will be limited to 1 parent in the viewing area during a class. Please help us by sitting and/or standing 6 feet apart from others in the viewing area. Elevate Gymnastics is also looking into some virtual viewing options which will allow our parents to view their kids during class from there smartphone or computer.

Temperature checks: All our staff and students coming into the gym will have their temperature checked — using a no-contact thermometer. Anyone with a high temperature based on their age and/or showing any sign of being sick will be asked to leave the gym immediately.

Bathroom Breaks: Due to the complexity of bathroom breaks during class (mainly making sure hands are thoroughly washed), we ask that you as parents make sure your kids have used the bathroom and thoroughly washed hands before entering into the gym area. Coaches will ask students again before starting class if they need to use bathroom and once class has started, bathroom breaks will not be taken, unless needed, on an individual case-by-basis, at which the coach will watch the student upon leaving the restroom to make sure hands were washed properly.

No-contact payment methods: Elevate Gymnastics has installed a new terminal at the front window that has no-contact payment options available to use like ApplePay and Google Wallet. This will help our staff to limit touching of credit cards, ceasing the spread of any germs from person to person. Our vending machine in our lobby also has no-contact payment options as well. Unfortunately, cash will not be accepted during this time.

Child Check-in: The check-in kiosk in front lobby will continue to not be used at this time. Students can just enter right into gym, and their coaches will take attendance.

Gym cleanliness: Classes will be ending 5 minutes earlier than normal to allow our staff to spray and wipe down mats with a CDC approved disinfectant to make sure the next class coming in will be safe on clean equipment. The front lobby including all door handles and touched surfaces will also be cleaned regularly throughout operating hours.

Masks: Staff will be using masks at all times. We encourage students to use them as well for everyone’s protection


My child or someone in our family is considered "High Risk", what should we do?

Stay home! For the safety of everyone in your family and at the gym we asked that you keep your child home during this time. We care about each and every one of you and don’t want you to enter the gym when you’re not ready.

I have more than one child. Can they share a private lesson during phase 1?

Due to safety restrictions and complexity, we must take this on a case-by-case basis. Price will be per student, not per lesson. Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in this option.

How will classes be structured during this time?

We will have minimal to no spotting during classes. (Spotting will only take place on advanced skills and if intervention is required due to safety) We will have stations set up to ensure proper distancing. We will focus strongly on core strength in the beginning to get students back up to speed after being out of the gym for a long period of time.

I have multiple kids enrolled at Elevate, can I have them in the same private lesson?

Private lessons are intended to be a 1on1 with the coach and athlete. However, on a case by case basis we will allow kids in the same family to go into same private lesson as long as the following is met; (1) Kids must be in same level of gymnastics, tumbling, or ninja (2) Kids must be enrolled under the same family account.

If your family meets this criteria and you would like to enroll them together, please email us at info@elevategymnasticsut.com and we will assist in setting this up. Please note no discount will be given for private lessons when multiple kids are enrolled in one private lesson. Each student will have to redeem their private lesson during this shared time.