Gym Closure

March 17 – Until Further Notice

In light of the recent announcement from President Trump, limiting social events to 10 people and under, Elevate Gymnastics has decided to follow suit and close the gym March 17th – Until Further Notice.

We understand there is and will be a lot of questions with missed classes these coming weeks. Why we still may not have immediate answers on how we will be handling them at this time, we want to provide comfort in knowing that we will make a decision that will benefit all out students and families once we get through this. Please be patient with this process and realize this may take a couple weeks. Everyone currently enrolled through the end of March will be able to make up their lost class time.

Elevate Gymnastics is a family-run business, like many small businesses here in our community. Small businesses are a large part of what make this country so great. Without your help, we wouldn’t be the great gym that we are today. We have been proud to serve the Eagle Mountain community for almost 5 months now. Please, if you are still getting a paycheck and you value a service like ours (or others), please remember your support can make or break the chance of small businesses to make it through this incredibly hard time. Large corporations are going to be just fine. Together we can get through this if you support your small businesses!

Here’s how you can help:

  • Because your kids won’t be able to attend gymnastics over next couple weeks, please consider continuing to pay regular tuition. We promise you will be able to make up those missed classes.
  • If you have to cancel an appointment (hair, massage, etc..). Consider buying a gift certificate and using it later.
  • Can’t eat out due to dine-in regulations? Order take-out or go buy a gift certificate from a local restaurant and use it later.

Remember, large corporations will recover from a month or two of lost income, small business may not.

As always, safety is our first and main priority at Elevate Gymnastics. We will reevaluate the situation after 30 days and go from there on what our local and national governments are recommending. If things change before than, we will update everyone.